Story Time

Submitted by: Elizabeth Hunt, Freeman
• Toddler
The Very Busy Spider by:Eric Carle
A very busy spider refuses to be distracted from spinning her beautiful web in this tactile and engaging story.
Itsy Bitsy Spider by:Iza Trapani
A beautifully illustrated version of the classic nursery song with a few more adventures added in as spider climbs to the top of her tree to spin her web. A great edition of a classic nursery rhyme! The illustrations are marvelous and exquisite.
Can you creep like a spider?
Can you jump like a frog?
Can you walk like a duck?
Can you run like a dog?
Can you fly like a bird?
Can you swim like a fish?
And be still like a little mouse,
As still as this?

Action rhyme
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy spider,
climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain and
washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and
dried up all the rain,
so the itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the spout again.

Sing this song along with music!
"Best Toddler Tunes; A collection of the best toddler hits," Canada; Kidzup Productions, 1999.

Spider's Song
A poem by Celia Warren

One for a cobweb,
Two for the sky,
Three for a ladybird,
Four for a fly,
Five for a beetle,
Six for a bee,
Seven for a centipede
Ready for my tea.

Create flannel numbers 1-7 and pictures of a cobweb, sky, etc. Place the numbers on the flannelboard and, while you recite the poem, place the pictures next to the appropriate number.

Action Song

Using puppets or a spider craft, sing and do the actions with Raffi's song, "There's a Spider on the Floor."

Raffi, "Singable Songs for the Very Young,". Cambridge, MA; Rounder Records: Shoreline Records, 1976.