Story Time

Pacific Asian Heritage Storytime
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Fortune Cookie Fortune by:Lin, Grace
Preschool - After a young Chinese American girl opens fortune cookies with her family, she notices that the fortunes seem to come true.
Char Siu Bao Boy by:Yanate, Sandra S
Preschool - After being ridiculed by the others at school, Charlie abandons his favorite Chinese Food, char siu bao, and tries to eat more "normal" things, but then finds a way to convert his friends to the tasty dish.
Chinatown by:Low, William
Preschool - A boy and his grandmother wind their way through the streets of Chinatown, enjoying all the sights and smells of the Chinese New Year's Day.
Henry's First-Moon Birthday by:Look, Leonore
Either level - A young girl helps her grandmother with preparations for the traditional Chinese celebration to welcome her new baby brother.
Emma's Dragon Hunt by:Stock, Catherine
Either level - Emma's grandfather, newly arrived from China, introduces her to the power of dragons.
Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding by:Look, Lenore
School Age - A Chinese-American girl describes the festivities of her uncle's Chinese wedding and the customs behind them.
Rabbit Mooncakes by:Krakauer, Hoong Yee Lee
School Age - A little Asian American girl overcomes her fear of family piano recitals.
Sam and the Lucky Money by:Chinn, Karen
School Age - Sam must decide how to spend the lucky money he's received for Chinese New Year.
Chinese Siamese Cat by:Tan, Amy
School Age - Ming Miao tells her kittens about the antics of one of their ancestors, Sagwa of China, that produces the unusual markings they have had for thousands of years.
The Great Race by:Casey, Dawn
Both levels - more of a telling for the pre-school - Relates how Jade Emperor chose twelve animals to represent the years in his calendar.
Two Old TIgers
Two Old Tigers
(children?s song)

Two old tigers liang3 zhi3 lao3 hu3
Two old tigers liang3 zhi3 lao3 hu3
Running very fast pao3 de kuai4
Running very fast pao3 de kuai4
One has no eyes yi4 zhi3 mei2 you3 yan3 jing1
One has no tail yi4 zhi3 mei3 you3 wei3 ba
How strange! Zhen1 qi2 guai4
How strange! Zhen1 qi2 guai4

1?high level tone (singing the word)
2?high rising tone
3?tone starts at a neutral point then drops low then returns
4?drops fast and abrupt
Red Dragonflies
Red Dragonflies
(nursery Rhyme)

Red Dragonflies Hong2 qing1ting2
Red Dragonflies Hong2 qing1ting2
They gently stop. Qing1 qing1 ting2
On the rocks gently they stop; shi2 shang4 qing1 qing1 ting2
On the water gently they stop; shui3 shang4 qing1 qing1 ting2
In the breeze gently they stop. Feng1 li3 qing2 qing1 ting2
Chinese New Year Zodiac Wreath:
Find coloring page of the 12 characters.

Cut the center our of the paper plate.
Color and cut out the 12 characters.
Paste the characters on the paper plate.
You can tie a piece of yarn on the back to hang it.
For an older craft you may find the pattern for Chinese Lanterns and use it for the school age children.