Story Time

Submitted by: Chrissy, Tomball
• Infant
Baby Food by:Saxton Freymann
This cute book shows baby animals made out of food.
Now I Eat My ABC'S by:Pam Abrams
Board Book
Yummy Yucky by:Leslie Patricelli
Board Book
Jelly on My Head
(touch parts on the body)

Jelly on my head, jelly on my toes
Jelly on my shirt, jelly on my nose
Jelly on my belly, jelly is my favorite food
And when I'm in a jelly mood
I can't ever get enough
Of that yummy, yummy stuff!
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns,(clap hands in rhythm)
Hot Cross Buns,(clap hands in rhythm)
One a-penny, two a-penny. (Count out two fingers)
Hot Cross Buns (clap hands)
Babies play with Lamaze toys after storytime.
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