Story Time

Native American Celebrations
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Dancing with the Indians by:Medearis, Angela
While attending a Seminole Indian celebration, a black family watches and joins in several exciting dances.
Giving Thanks by:London, Jonathan
A boy's father celebrates the interconnectedness of the natural world through the daily words of thanks and assures his son, who finds it a little embarrassing to thank trees and such, that it becomes a habit and makes one feel good.
Jingle Dancer by:Smith-Leitich, Cynthia
Jenna, a member of the Muscogee, or Creek, Nation, borrows jingles from the dresses of several friends and relatives so that she can perform the jingle dance at the pow wow. Includes a note about the jingle dance tradition and its regalia.
Red Bird by:Mitchell, Barbara
Katie, also known as Red Bird, joins her family and other Indians at the annual pow wow in Southern Delaware, where they celebrate their Nanicoke heritage with music, dancing, and special foods.
Night Chant
Happily may I walk
May it be beautiful before me
May it be beautiful behind me
May it be beautiful below me
May it be beautiful above me
May it be beautiful all around me
In beauty it is finished.
The Call
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba e-he
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba ha e-he
(To Rejoice! Come! I Bid you.
Sand Painting: Use some type of glue (preferably clear) then drop the sand in different colors to create their sand painting
Use Native American Sign to create a letter to one of your relatives or friends.
Native American Sign Language 419 OLS, Olsen, Madeline. How Native Americans use hand signals to communicate.