Story Time

Feeling Sick
Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
Arthur's chicken pox by:Brown, Marc
Dealing with the chicken pox.
Teddy Bears cure a cold by:Gretz, Susanna
Teddy Bears cope with having a cold.
Sick in bed by:Rockwell, Anne
A child feels ill.
Bark George by:Feiffer, Jules
George the dog has various things removed before his bark returns.
How do dinosaurs get well soon? by:Yolen, Jane
Rhyming text of dinosaurs being ill.
When Vera was sick by:Rosenberry, Vera
What happens when a little girl feels ill.
Keep the Germs Away
[tune: Mulberry Bush]
This is the way we cover our sneezes,
Cover our sneezes, cover our sneezes.
This is the way we cover our sneezes,
To keep the germs away.
Have children color and decorate small brown paper bags. Fold the top down twice [about an inch width]. This makes a "waste basket" for tissues when a child is ill.