Story Time

Being Sick
Submitted by: Libby, West University
• Pre-school
Betty's not well today by:Clarke, Gus
Told in rhyme, Betty can't join in activities.
Teddy Bears cure a cold by:Gretz, Susanna
William's cold makes him demanding of attention and the other bears work out a cure.
Sick in bed by:Rockwell, Anne
A little boy describes his feelings when he has a sore throat.
Bark George by:Feiffer, Jules
George the dog is taken to th doctor when he emits various animal sounds, but no bark.
How do dinosaurs get well soon? by:Yolen, Jane
Describes what a young dinosaur will do to get well quickly.
Sneezing song
I think I'm going to sneeze [ha chew!]
I think I'm going to sneeze [ha chew!]
If you sneeze, pass the tissue please...
Ha chew, ha chew, ha chew.
Color, draw or affix stickers to small brown lunch bags. Fold down the top edge [about 1 inch wide] to make a waste bag for tissues.