Story Time

Submitted by: Chrissy, Tomball
• Toddler
ABC T-Rex by:Bernard Most
Watch T-Rex munch his way through the alphabet.
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by:Paul Stickland
Watch while a group of rowdy dinosaurs disappear one by one.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night by:Jane Yolen
Watch the playful dinosaurs demonstrate the right and wrong way to go to bed.
Dinosaurs Were...
Dinosaurs lived long ago.
Some walked (stomp in place)
Some swam (pretend to swim)
Some flew, you know! (flap arms at sides)
Some were big (hold hands high)
Some were small (hold hands low)
Some were gigantic(stretch arms out wide)
V-e-r-y tall!(stretch arms up high)

Dinosaur, Dinosaur
Dinosaur, dinosaur
Where can you be?
Hiding behind me (hands behind back)
Where you cannot see!
Now you see one (bring one hand out)
It's been waiting for you.
Here comes another (bring out other hand)
And now you see two!
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