Story Time

Best Friends
Submitted by: SL Pearson, Evelyn Meador
• Pre-school
My Friend is Sad by:Mo Willems
My Best Friend is Cinderella by:Lisa Ann Marsoli
The day in the life of Cinderella and her friend Emma.
My Sister Gracie by:Gillian Johnson
Your sister can be your best friend, too!
Best Friends for Francs by:Russell Hoban
Learning about the value of frienship is priceless.
May I Bring A Friend? by:Beatrice Schenk De Regiers
A little boy brings his friend to tea.
My Best Friend Moved Away by:Nancy Carlson
How a little girl copes when her best friend moves away.
Best Friends by:Steven Kellogg
Kathy and Louise are best friends and do everything together.