Story Time

Polar Bears
Submitted by: Kim, Parker Williams
• Toddler • Pre-school
Can you see a little bear? by:james mayhew
A baby polar bear has a fun day enjoying the circus until his mother tells him it is time for bed. Big, beautiful pictures with a nice rhyming verse.
Good Morning, Little Polar Bear by:Carol Votaw
Find out how thirteen adorable Arctic baby animals wake up in the morning.
Polar Bear Night by:Lauren Thompson
After wandering out at night to watch a magical star shower, a polar bear cub returns home to snuggle with her mother in their warm den.
Snow Bears by:Martin Waddell
When three little bears play in the snow, they pretend to be "snow bears" and their mother goes along with the game.
Polar Bear,Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by:Bill Martin Jr.
Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper.
Five Little Polar Bears

Five little polar bears, (hold up hand, wriggle fingers)
Playing near the shore,
One tumbled in,
And then there were four (put one finger down, hold up four)
Four little polar bears (hold up hand, wriggle four fingers)
Swimming in the sea.
One chased a seal,
And then there were three. (Put one finger down, hold up three)
Three little polar bears, (hold up hand, wriggle three fingers)
What shall we do?
One went swimming
And then there were two. (Put one finger down, hold up two fingers)
Two little polar bears (hold up hand, wriggle two fingers)
Playing in the sun
One took a nap
And then there was one. (Put one finger down, hold up one)
One little polar bear, (Hold up hand, wriggle one finger)
Not very old.
Where's my mom?
I?m hungry and cold.
Tuck last finger inside fist.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Turn around,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Touch the ground.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Dance on your toes,
Polar bear, Polar bear.
Touch your nose.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Show your paws.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Hide your claws.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Scratch your head,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Go to bed.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Say good-night,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Turn out the light.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Wake up now,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Take a bow.
Copy the polar bear pattern, cut out, and add cotton balls, a colored pompom for the nose, and tie a piece of colored raffia around the neck or any other add-ons you like. You may also choose to put the bear on a piece of construction paper and a polar scene around it.
Polar Bear Paper Bag Puppet
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? makes a great flannelboard story.
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