Story Time

Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
Hare and Tortoise race to the moon by:an Aesop's fable retold and illustrated by Oliver J. Corwin
Best friends Tortoise and Hare compete to see who will be first to reach the moon.
I want to be an astronaut by:Byron Barton
A young child thinks about what it would be like to be an astronaut and go out on a mission into space.
Roaring rockets by:Tony Mitton
simple explanation of how space rockets work, where they travel, and what they do.
Dogs in space by:Nancy Coffelt.
Dogs in space visit each of the planets in the solar system, finding no one at home anywhere, and return to Earth.
Here come the aliens! by:Colin McNaughton.
A group of not-so-nice aliens speed toward Earth looking for a fight--until something terrible scares them away.
Krong! by:Garry Parsons.
When a spaceship lands in his yard, Jake and his dog try to communicate with the alien and alien dog that emerge using different languages.
Martian rock by:Carol Diggory Shields
A group of Martians looking for life on the different planets in the solar system make a surprising discovery just as they are about to give up.
Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm off to the moon! by:Dan Yaccarino.
A boy gets in a spaceship and takes a dangerous but exciting trip to the moon.
Moon plane by:Peter McCarty
A young boy looks at a plane in the sky and imagines flying one all the way to the moon.
Beegu by:Alexis Deacon
A small creature from space finds no welcome on Earth, until she meets a group of children on a playground.
Astronaut PiggyWiggy by:Christyan Fox
A little pig imagines what it would be like to be a daring astronaut.
Papa, please get the moon for me by:Eric Carle
Monica's father fulfills her request for the moon by taking it down after it is small enough to carry, but it continues to change in size. Some pages fold out to display particularly large pictures.
If you decide to go to the moon by:Faith McNulty
Have you ever wondered what it was like to fly to the moon? Faith McNulty and Steven Kellogg have created a wonderful book that discribes and illustrates just that.
Four Little Stars
Four little stars
winking at me.
One shot off,
then there were three!

three little stars
With nothing to do.
One shot off,
Then there were two!

Two little stars
Afraid of the sun.
One shot off,
Then there was one!

One little star
Alone is no fun.
It shot off,
then there was none!
We're Flying
We're flying to the moon
We're flying to the moon.
Blast off, away we go
We're flying to the moon.

Other verses:
We're going in a spacecraft
We're walking out in space
We're landing on the moon
We're collecting moon rocks
We're flying back to Earth
We're landing on the Earth
Space Shuttle
The Dangers of Balloons