Story Time

Chained Dog
Submitted by: Sunni Valvaneda, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Buddy Unchained by:Daisy Bix
Buddy, a dog who has a loving home, had previously been abused and tells his story of transformation from neglected and chained, to loved and respected.
The Very Kind Rich Lady and her One Hundred Dogs by:Chinlun Lee
A wonderful woman who loves dogs soo much, she has 100 and can call them all by name.
Orville by:Haven Kimmel
Orville is a stray that thought he would find a happy home with the farmer and his wife. But they chain him to the barn and he's lonely and miserable until a new girl moves in across the street. Orville falls in love and each day breaks from his chain to see her, until one day, she realizes she loves him back. Very touching.
I printed a picture of a sad looking dog for the kids to color. Using a paper clip to symbolize a chain and ribbon for his lead, they paste the dog to a sheet of construction paper. I typed up little papers stating "National Have a Heart for a Chained Dog Week" to glue to the pics. Kids then color in a background for the dog. My dog stood under a tree with his food and water bowls in front of him. I named him Justice.
This is a great way to introduce animal neglect and abuse to young children and explain to them how to properly treat animals and to tell an adult know if they see someone mistreat an animal so the proper authorities can be called. I also included a fact sheet on caring for animals such as proper shelter and clean water and food and how tethering is bad and the phone # for Harris County Animal Control.