Story Time

Dentists / Teeth
Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
Does a tiger open wide? by:Fred Ehrlich
Using drawings of animals, children learn what to expect at a dental visit.
Tooth book by:Theo LeSieg
In rhyming format, the author explains that everyone has teeth and shows various types.
My tooth is loose by:Martin Silverman
When a boy's tooth is loose, all his friends offer advice, but none is appealing.
Wiggly jiggly joggly tooth by:Bill Hawley
Rhyming story about a wiggly loose tooth.
Maisy, Charley and the wobbly tooth by:Lucy Cousins
Charley goes to the dentist and all his friends tag along.
I brush my teeth
[tune of Jingle Bells]
I brush my teeth, I brush my teeth
Morning, noon and night.
I brush them, floss them, rinse them clean
I keep them nice and white.
I brush them once, I brush them twice
I brush them til they shine.
I always brush them up and down
Those precious teeth of mine.
[tune of Yankee Doodle]
Of all the things around the house
A toothbrush is a dandy.
Brush up and down and all around
And stay away from candy.
Color page of tooth and toothbrush.
I use this story time to distribute the free toothbrushes we get.