Story Time

Submitted by: Ann P., Tomball
• Pre-school
Alphabet Mystery by:Audrey Wood
When little x goes missing from Charley's Alphabet, the other lowercase letters set off in search of him. In the end, they realize just how important an x can be!
Word Wizard by:Cathryn Falwell
Using her magical spoon to make new words by changing letters around, Anna sets off on adventures with a lost little boy.
Abigail Spells by:Anna Alter
George helps his best friend Abigail practice for a spelling bee, then cheers her up when she makes a mistake.
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by:Bill Martin
An alphabet rhyme that relates to what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb the coconut tree.
Apple and Bananas
I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas
repeat verse
sing verse substituting each vowel:
I like to ate, ate, ate, ay-ples and ba-nay-nays
I like to eat, eat, eat, ee-ples and bee-nee-nees
I like to ite, ite, ite, i-ples and bi-ni-nis
I like to ote, ote, ote, o-ples and bo-no-nos
I like to ute, ute, ute, u-ples and bu-nu-nus
A is for Alligator
A is for Alligator chop, chop, chop (make chopping motion with arms)
B is for bouncing hop, hop, hop (hop up and down)
C is for circles around and around (arms out to your side and spin around)
D is for when we all sit down (have children sit down for next story)
Chicka Chicka boom boom tree
I prepared a large coconut tree, laminated it, and ticky tacked it to the wall. I die cut each lowercase letter of the alphabet, laminated and attached ticky tack to the back. Some letters were glued together based on the format of the story (for example: lmnop were all glued together). I handed out letters to all the kids and re-read the story. When the child heard their letter or sequence of letters, they came up and attached it up the coconut tree. They enjoyed "acting out" this story!
ABC song
ABCDEFG HIJKLMNOP QRS TUV WXY and Z. Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me!
Alphabet Soup
Cut out large blue bowl. Cut out white circle approx. 1/2 smaller then the blue circle (the broth). Give each child a bowl, broth, a die cut spoon, placemat (I used a piece of brown construction paper) and a baggie of approx. 30 foamie alphabet letters. Children can glue all of the pieces to their placemat and then peel off the backing of their foamie letters and put them into their "soup". Give the children crayons so that they can write their name and add any other letters or words to their soup.
I printed out posters of the ABC song, A is for Alligator Chant and the Apples and Bananas song for the parents to be able to sing along as well.