Story Time

Submitted by: Connie Dye, Kingwood
• Toddler
Humbug Witch by:Balian, Lorna
Little witch tries to cast a spell on her cat and fails. She turns herself back to a little Girl.
Jungle Halloween by:Cocca-Leffler, Maryann
Jungle animals decorate, dress up and have a halloween party in rhyming verses
Hello-- Piggyback Songs for School
(Sung to Frere Jacques)
Hello Shelly, Hello Shelly (throw ball to child)
How are you? How are you?
We’re so glad to have you, (have child throw ball to me)
We’re so glad to have you,
At Toddler Time, at Toddler Time

Open Them Close Them--Traditional
Open them, close them,
Open them, close them
Give a little clap

Open them, close them,
Open them, close them
Put them in your lap

Creep them, creep them (move hands slowly up chest)
Up to the chin
Open your mouth
But don’t put them in (put hands behind back)

Open them, close them,
Open them, close them
Give a little clap
Open them, close them,
Open them, close them
Put them in your lap.
5 Little Jack o'Lanterns-- The Everything Book
5 Little jack o’lanterns sitting on a gate (wave 5 finger, bending them down as the verse progresses)
The first one said, “My it’s getting late”
The second one said, “ There are witches in the air”
The third one said, “But we don’t care.” (shake head)
The fourth one said, ”Let’s run, let’s run!”
Wo-o-o-o went the wind (Sway hand though air)
And out went the lights (Loud Clap)
And the 5 little jack o’lanterns ran out of sight (fingers run behind back)
Monster Stomp-- Summer Reading Manual
If you want to be a Monster, now here’s your chance (Everyone stands)
Cause everybody’s doing the monster dance
You just stomp your feet, wave your arms all around
Stretch’em up, Stretch ‘em up
Then put them on the ground
“Cause you’re doing the Monster Stomp,
That’s right, you’re doing the Monster Stomp

Ooh-Aah, Ooh-Aah, Ooh-Aah, Ooh
Ooh-Aah, Ooh-Aah, Ooh-Aah, O-O-O-O-OH!

Good Bye--Piggyback Songs for School
(sung to Good Night Ladies)

Good Bye, Brian, Good Bye, Cindy (name children in group)
Good Bye, Andy, It’s time to say goodbye
Flannel Board The Chocolate Ghost
Once there was a Mama Ghost and five little ghosts who lived in a spooky old house. They were all a sparkling dazzling white. Mama ghost made sure they stayed so white by letting them eat only white milk. Once day, just before suppertime, when Mama Ghost looked into the refrigerator, there was no milk for their supper! She quickly got ready to go to the grocery store. Just before she left she told her five little ghosts to be sure not to eat anything, since she would be back with their suppers very soon. With that, she gave them all a kiss and went off to the grocery store.
All went well for a time, but soon the first little ghost said “I’m hungry. I really want something to eat.” And with that, he opened the refrigerator door and found a red ripe strawberry and ate it all up. And he turned bright red. The second little ghost said “No fair! I’m hungry too.” And opened the refrigerator and found a lemon meringue pie and ate it all up. She turned a bright yellow. The third little ghost started crying that he was hungry too and ran to the refrigerator and drank a glass of grape juice and turned purple. The fourth little ghost was mad because she was hungry and the only thing left in the refrigerator was a piece of lettuce which she ate, and it turned her green! The last little ghost was hungry, hungry, hungry. But when he looked in the refrigerator there was nothing to eat! But he was hungry, hungry, hungry! So he looked in all the drawers, and in all the cabinets, and finally on the very top shelf of a cupboard, there was a cookie jar. And in that cookie jar was one chocolate chip cookie. The little ghost was so hungry that he ate in all up in one snap! And He turned chocolate chip coloured!
Just then Mama Ghost returned from the grocery store with milk for the little ghost’s suppers. My, oh, my! Was she surprised to see all her little ghosties all the colors of the rainbow!
You naughty little ghosties! Come and get your supper right now!
So she gave each of them a glass of white milk and each little ghost turned sparkling white again.
Just as a scientific experiment, would you like to see if you turn chocolate chip colored if you eat a chocolate chip cookie?

Chocolate Chip GHost-- Make two sets of felt ghosts, 1 Large white and 5 small white. Set 2 has 1 large white ghost(Decorated with stars ( she's dress up fo shopping) and 4 little ghosts of various colors to match food eaten.I little white ghost with brown 3 cornered speckles (chocolate chips). I usually offer the children (with Mother's permission) chocolate chip cookies at the end.