Story Time

ASL - Colors
Submitted by: Melanie Metzger, Cy-Fair
• Bi-lingual
Cut circles out of different colors and have the kids paste them together on a white sheet of paper to create colorful caterpillars. (Can use wiggly eyes and the small 2" V for antenna)
To start off, we learn the signs for Please, Thank You, You're Welcome and Applause. (Signs for Every Time)

Then we go over the new signs for the theme:
Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Black, White, Pink.

We do the Storytime and then review the new signs again at the end before the last song.
I always try to scan the signs used for each Storytime and add them to the PowerPoint presentation so that not only are they seeing me perform the signs, but they see it graphically as well.