Story Time

Submitted by: Jo Snyder, Tomball
• Pre-school
What Did You Put In Your Pocket by:Beatrice deRegniers
Two groups of animals tell each other about the food and other things they put in their pockets.
A Fish In His Pocket by:Denys Cazet
All through school Russell the bear is worried about the little fish in his pocket, until he figures out how to return it to his pond.
Plenty of Pockets by:Ann Braybrooks
Henry tries to solve the problem of his family's messy, crowded house by making lots of pockets and putting everything away in them, but the solution is not a permanent one.
Katy No-Pocket by:Emily Payne
Desolute Katy Kangaroo has no pocket in which to carry her son Freddy, so she asks all the other animals how they carry their children and finally goes to the city to find a pocket of her own.
A Pocket for Corduroy by:Don Freeman
A toy bear who wants a pocket for himself finds one in a laudromat.
The Brown Kangaroo
The brown kangaroo is very funny
She leaps and runs and hops like a bunny (Hop)
And on her stomach is a pocket so wide (Put hand on stomach like a pocket)
Her baby can jump in and go for a ride (Have other hand jump into pocket)
In My Pockets
The things in my pockets are lots of fun (Hold up five fingers)
I will show you one by one

In my first pocket is a frog (Point to thumb)
I found him sitting on a log.

In my second pocket is a car (Point to index finger)
It can race off very far

In my third pocket is a ball (Point to middle finger)
I can bounce it on a wall

In my fourth pocket is a bunny, (Point to ring finger)
She twitches her nose and looks so funny

In my fifth pocket is a dog (Touch pinky to thumb)
He's a friend of my little frog.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets
(Gather the objects mentioned in this poem, and bring them out one by one as you recite the poem.)

Pockets for rocks and pieces of string.
Pockets for buttons and round whirly things.
Pockets for papers and tiny toy cars.
Pockets for stickers three small shiny stars.
Pockets for pennies and marbles for shaking.
Pockets for feathers and fuzzy nest making.
Pockets for hands to hide from the cold.
Pushing and poking now pockets with holes.
Holes growing bigger and if we don't sew.
Tell me please. Where will these pocket things go?

Lucy Locket
Lucy Locket has lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon around it.

Cut-out Pockets with shapes: