Story Time

Feeling Sick
Submitted by: Rosemarie Visconti, Cy-Fair
• Toddler
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by:Yolen, Jane
Describes what a young dinosaur should do in order to quickly get over being sick.
Don't You Feel Well, Sam? by:Hest, Amy
When Sam has a cough, Mrs. Bear tends to him all through the cold night.
The Lady With the Alligator Purse by:Westcott, Nadine Bernard
An old nonsense, jump rope rhyme features an ailing young Tiny Tim.
Bark George by:Feiffer, Jules
When puppy George is asked to bark by his mother, he manages to produce a range of animal sounds including a "meow" and a "moo," but never an "arf."
Barn Sneeze by:Winnick, Karen
When the wind blows through the barn, it sets off a chain reaction of sneezes among the animals that eventually wakes up Sue in the farmhouse.
The Get Well Soon Book by:Gray, Kes
Cynthia the centipede,Harold the hamster, Tiffany the turtle, and the other animals suffer from various injuries or illnesses.
Cough or Sneeze
When you have to cough or sneeze,
Cough or sneeze, cough or sneeze,
When you have to cough or sneeze,
Cover your mouth please!

Tune of : “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
Five Little Germs
Five little germs, sitting in a row
The first one said,
"On hands, I like to grow."
The second one said,
"I like to fly in the air."
The third one said, "I don't care."
The fourth one said,
"I travel on a sneeze."
The fifth one said,
"Wash your hands? Oh, please!"
Swish goes the water
Bubble goes the soap
And the five little germs
Down the drain they float.
Wash, wash , wash your hands,
Play our handy game.
Rub and scrub, scrub and rub,
Germs go down the drain.

Tune of: "Row, row, row your boat“
Coughing or Sneezing
When you cough or when you sneeze, cover your mouth.
When you cough or when you sneeze, cover your mouth.
When you cough or when you sneeze,
Cover your mouth, if you please!
When you cough or when you sneeze, Cover your mouth.

tune of” She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” Feb/March 2008
This little hand is a good little hand
This little hand is its brother
(wave other)
Together they wash and wash and wash
One hand washes the other.

Germy Hands

Fold two sheets of green construction paper in half withwise. Place the palm of the child's hand along the folded edge. Trace around the child's hand. Cut through the four layers of paper being careful not to cut along the folded edge. Open the hands up. It will resemble a butterfly. Tape a strand of yarn along the foldline of one of the hands. Place the second hand butterfly over the first and staple together along the foldline. Open the hands up so that they will stand. Add stickie eyes and an assortment of shapes and colors of sticky backed foam or construction paper. The result is a three dimensional germ.