Story Time

Winter Wonderland with Jan Brett
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Annie and the wild animals by:Jan Brett.
When Annie's cat disappears, she attempts friendship with a variety of unsuitable woodland animals, but with the emergence of Spring, everything comes right.
The Hat by:Jan Brett
When Lisa hangs her woolen clothes in the sun to air them out for winter, the hedgehog, to the amusement of the other animals, ends up wearing a stocking on his head.
The mitten: a Ukrainian folktale by: Jan Brett
Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki's lost mitten until the bear sneezes.
Gingerbread friends by:Jan Brett
Lonely Gingerbread Baby, having set out to find a friend, enters a bakery where he tries to talk to different cookies and other figures, but winds up leading a crowd back to his house on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale.
Gingerbread baby by:Jan Brett
A young boy and his mother bake a gingerbread baby that escapes from their oven and leads a crowd on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale about a not-so-clever gingerbread man.
The three snow bears by:Jan Brett
Retells the story of Goldilocks, set in an Inuit village and featuring a family of polar bears.
The Twelve days of Christmas by:Jan Brett
A young woman's true love sends her extravagant gifts on each of the twelve days of Christmas.
Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve? by:Jan Brett
boy from Finnmark and his ice bear help scare away some hungry trolls so that Kyri and her father can enjoy their Christmas Eve meal.
I'm a Little Snow Person

(I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little snow person
Short and fat
Here are my buttons,
here is my hat.
When the sun comes out,
I cannot stay.
Slowly I just melt away.
Mini Gingerbread House

7 Graham Crackers
Frosting - Vanilla, Chocolate, Red & Green
Colored Candies for decorating
Christmas ribbon

Put frosting in pastry bag or ziploc bag with a tiny hole in the corner.

Place one graham cracker on the table -flat - apply frosting all around the edges of the cracker. Place a cracker on each side - will appear to be a box without a top.

Apply frosting on all outside corners - from the top to the bottom and all over the bottom of the box.

Allow time for the frosting to harden. Apply more frosting on top of the top edges of the "box" and put the last two crackers in a "V-shape" on the roof. Apply frosting along the top of the roof where the crackers join. Allow time to harden.

Apply frosting along the roof to look like snow. Apply frosting to backs of candy to apply to house for decorations. Colored frosting can be used for doors and windows. BE CREATIVE!
Jan Brett's Birthday is December 1st