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Submitted by: Lynn Flanigan, Tomball
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Panda & Polar Bear by:Matthew J. Baek
A curious polar bear tumbles off a tall cliff and makes friends with a bear who is very different from him. The watercolor artwork is beautiful. This story is a wonderful illustration of how we can be friends and play/work together - in spite of our differences.
What a Treasure! by:Jane and William Hillenbrand
While Mole digs for treasure, he shares his findings with other animals and also discovers a very special treasure for himself. The themes of friendship and sharing are depicted wonderfully in this colorful book.
Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores by:James Howe
Horace and Morris join a "boys only" club - excluding their best friend Dolores. She subsequently joins a "girls only" club. Their true friendship is tested. However, the three friends learn valuable lessons about friendship, peer pressure, and the exclusion of others in activities.
Fox Makes Friends by:Adam Relf
A lonely little fox does not have any friends. He gathers various materials like sticks and fruit and builds a friend, who cannot talk or move. A variety of animals are drawn into this story, and fox learns all about real friends. This book has brilliant illustrations.
Rosie and Michael by:Judith Viorst
Rosie and Michael are best friends. Their friendship overcomes all problems and endures forever. This humorous book has great black and white illustrations.
June and August by:Vivian Walsh
June and August are two animals who meet while enjoying the nighttime sky and become friends. They agree to meet the next day. In the daylight, they see that they are very different from each other in appearance. However, June and August enjoy spending a fun day together and learned that differences can be good for a friendship. This book is very well illustrated.
Make New Friends
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I Like You
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