Story Time

Hispanic Month
Submitted by: Rosalinda Barrera, Jacinto City
• Infant • Toddler • Pre-school • Schoolage • Bi-lingual
Sopa de Cactus by:Kimmel Eric A
During the Mexican Revolt. a troop of soldiers come to a town where all the food has been hidden, they charm the townspeople into helping make a soup from water and a cactus plant.
Chicks and Salsa by:Reynolds, Aaron
The chickens are tired of eating the same thing every day, and the rooster knows only one thing can stop their grumbling a FIESTA!
Este compro un huevito
(Fingerplay)Start with baby finger, touch each finger of one hand as you say rhyme.
Este compro un huevito.
Este encendio el fuego.
Este trajo la sal.
Este lo guiso.
Este picaro gordo. Se lo comio!
This one Bought a Little Egg
(Fingerplay English)Start with baby finger, touch each finger of one hand as you say rhyme.
This one bought a little egg.
This one lit the fire.
This one brought the salt.
This one was the cook.
And this chubby, chubby one ate it all up!
El Chocolate
The leader sings each line and the group repeats it. Children can also sing the song faster and faster, and they can rub their hadns together in imitations of the chocolate stirrer.
Uno, dos, tres, CHO
uno, dos, tres, CO
uno, dos, tres, LA
uno, dos, tres, TE....
chocolate, chocolate,
bate, bate, el chocolate.
(Cantar dos veces)
The Chocolate
(English version)The leader sings each line and the group repeating it. And they can rub their hands together in imitation of the (molinillo)or chocolate stirrer.
One, two, three, CHO,
one, two, three, CO,
one, two, three, LA
one, two, three, TE....
chocolate,chocolate, beat and beat the chocolate.
(Sing twice)
"Hispanic Paper Flowers"
Layer different square sizes and colors of tissue paper, fold into a accordion fan. Center a pipe cleaner on center of accordion tissues, twist. Pull up one sheet at atime rotating sides and holding pipe cleaner stems on bottom of flower.
"Dora the Explorer Dance Fiesta!" is a really good cd to get the children warmed up and in the mood for a celebration.