Story Time

Patterns are Everywhere!
Submitted by: Terry, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Pattern Bugs by:Trudy Harris
Patterns are everywhere in this fun introduction to the concept of patterns. Through lively illustrations and repeating text even the youngest child will have fun learning about patterns and spotting them on each page.
Busy bugs : a book about patterns by:Jane Harvey
The busy bugs are preparing for a party and they arrange and re-arrange flowers in different patterns. Their activities will make learning about patterns fun.
The Little Red Hen by:Margot Zemach
The little red hen can't get her lazy friends to help her make bread. The repetitive refusals of the friends will reinforce the concept of patterns in stories and speech.
Max Found Two Sticks by:Brian Pinkney
Max doesn't feel like talking one day so he sits and begins to hear the rhythms and patterns of sound in his city. Max picks up two sticks and begins to tap out the sounds and patterns he hears.
This Old Man

The chorus of this song introduces the concept of patterns in songs.


This song emphasizes the combination of lyrics and clapping in patterns.
Clap a short, simple rhythm for the children. (Example: 2 loud, 1 soft, 2 loud) Ask them to repeat it. Try increasingly challenging patterns: 1 loud, 2 soft, stamp both feet, repeat. Ask each child to think of a pattern of their own to share.