Story Time

Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
Little Sap and Monsieur Rodin by:Michelle Lord
In the early 1900s, little Sap, a young girl from the rice fields of Cambodia, wins a coveted place in the royal dance troupe and learns the steps so well that she is noticed by the famous artist Auguste Rodin, who rewards her with a special prize. A foreword and an author's note give additional information about the history of Cambodia, Khmer dance, and August Rodin.
Matisse: the king of color by:Laurence Anholt
Tells the story of the artist Matisse designing the Chapelle du Rosaire.
Oooh! Picasso by:Mil Niepold
Introduction to Picasso
Georgia rises : a day in the life of Georgia O'Keeffe by:Kathryn Lasky
The artist Georgia O'Keeffe spends the day transforming the materials, colors, and landscape of her desert home into paintings.
Are you blue dog's friend? by:George Rodrigue
Celebrates friendship and introduces the funny, strange, and loyal qualities that make a friend.
Katie's Sunday afternoon by:James Mayhew
On a hot day, Katie and her grandmother visit the art museum, where Katie climbs into the paintings of pointillist artists Seurat, Pisarro, and Signac. Includes information about pointillism.
Katie and the Mona Lisa by:James Mayhew
At the art museum, while her grandmother dozes, Katie steps into the painting of the Mona Lisa and together they have adventures with the characters from four other well-known Renaissance paintings. Includes informationabout the artists.
All in a day by:Mitsumasa Anno
Brief text and illustrations by ten internationally well-known artists reveal a day in the lives of children in eight different countries showing the similarities and differences and emphasizing the commonality of humankind.
Bijou, Bonbon, and Beau by:Joan Sweeney
Three little kittens create a sensation when they join dancers onstage of a Parisian theater known for its ballet and for the artist who paints there.
Camille and the sunflowers : a story about Vincent Van Gogh by:Laurence Anholt
Despite the derision of their neighbors, a young French boy and his family befriend the lonely painter who comes to their town and begin to admire his unusual paintings.
Frida by:Jonah Winter
Discusses the childhood of Frida Kahlo and how it influenced her art.
Once upon a lily pad : froggy love in Monet's garden by:Joan Sweeney
Hector and Henriette, the most famous frogs in France, befriend an old painter in a battered straw hat named Monet.
Picasso and the girl with a ponytail : a story about Pablo Picasso by:Laurence Anholt
Sylvette gradually begins to gain self-confidence during the summer she models for the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in the French village of Vallauris.
This is a collection of picture books that work well for Elementary school children. Enjoy