Story Time

Lovely Ladybugs
Submitted by: Susan, Atascocita
• Pre-school • Schoolage
The Grouchy Ladybug by:Eric Carle
A grouchy ladybug, looking for a fight, challenges everyone she meets regardless of their size or strength.
Bubba and Trixie by:Lisa Campbell Ernst
An adventuresome ladybug befriends an apprehensive caterpillar and helps him learn to enjoy life and be happy with what he is and what he becomes.
Little Buggy by:Kevin O'Malley
A young ladybug is determined to learn how to fly and, with the help of his father, he succeeds.
Little Buggy Runs Away by:Kevin O'Malley
Little Buggy has a fight with Big Buggy and runs away, with help from some ant friends, but when night falls and the ants have to go home, Little Buggy has second thoughts.
The Very Lazy Ladybug by:Isobel Finn
A lazy ladybug who never learned how to fly decides she wants to go somewhere, but she cannot find an animal to give her a peaceful ride.
Ladybug on the Move by:RIchard Fowler
Ladybug searches for a new home, but every place she finds is already occupied. Features a separate ladybug who weaves her way through die-cut pages.
I used a die cut of a ladybug in black and red. The children were given a sheet of green paper, some tissue paper and flowery bits and pieces. They were then able to create their own organic creative pieces.