Story Time

Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Bear's New Friend by:Wilson, Karma
On his way to the swimming hole, Bear meets several of his friends and they discover a new friend--a bashful Owl.
Delightful read-aloud with colorful illustrations.
May I Bring A Friend? by:De Regniers, Beatrice
When the King and Queen invite a young child to tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, apple pie, and Halloween, he asks them if he can bring a friend each time. The King and Queen say yes, of course, and meet some very interesting friends of the child--giraffes, lions, hippos, monkeys, and others. After all these invitations, the child invites the King and Queen for tea--at the Zoo!
Chester's Way by:Henkes, Kevin
Chester and Wilson are best friends and like to do things the same way--like double-knotting their shoes to cutting their sandwiches diagonally. But when they meet Lilly, they learn some new ways of doing things and all become friends.