Story Time

Submitted by: Donatta, Katy
• Toddler • Pre-school
The Pout-Pout Fish by:Deborah Diesen
The pout-pout fish believes he only knows how to frown until one day a fish comes along that shows him otherwise.
Fidgety Fish by:Ruth Galloway
Sent out for a swim in the deep sea,Tiddler, a young fish who just can't keep still, sees many interesting creatures and one dark cave.
Hooray for Fish by:Lucy Cousins
Little fish has all sorts of fishy friends but loves one of them most of all.
The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything! by:Brian James
Sharkie, the shark, who was known for being afraid, finds courage when his new friend needs help.
Ugly Fish by:Kara LaReau nad Scott Magoon
Ugly fish is big and mean and he'll never share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone. Or will he?
The Goldfish
from Laurie Berkner's Victor Vito CD
Fish Paper Plate Craft from Enchanted Learning