Story Time

Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
Baker's dozen by:Dan Andreasen
A cheerful book about a jolly, rotund baker who begins his work at 5:00 A.M., and creates 1 - 12 wonderful types of baked goods for customers.
Warthogs in the kitchen by:Pamela Edwards
Silly warthogs try to bake and make a sloppy mess.
Baker baker cookie maker by:Linda Hayward
Sesamer Street characters devour all cookies that Cookie Monster can make.
Spot bakes a cake by:Eric Hill
Popular puppy Spot bakes a cake.
Doorbell rang by:Pat Hutchins
2 children have to share a plate of cookies with an increasing number of friends.
Cake that Mack ate by:Rose Robart
In a building story,children see all the ingredients that go into a cake that Mack ate.
Bunny cakes by:Rosemary Wells
Max and Ruby try to bake a cake with interesting ingredients.
Sweet dream pie by:Audrey Wood
Ma and Pa Brindle cook up a secret recipe for a giant pie that causes many disruptions in the normal routine of Willobee Street.
Pat a cake
Five gingerbread men
Five gingerbread men
Cooling by the door.
A cow ate one
Then there were four.

Four gingerbread men
Running by a tree.
A pig ate one
then there were three.

Three gingerbread men
By a pond so blue.
A fox ate one
Then there were two.

Two gingerbread men
Running in the sun.
A hen ate one,
Then there was one.

One gingerbread man
Running for his life.
It ran away from the farmer's wife.
Gingerbread cookies
[felt board rhyme]
Gingerbread cookies what a treat!
Now it's time for me to eat.

First I'll eat the one that's red.
I'll strat by nibbling on his head.

Next I'll eat the one that's blue.
I'll start by biting off his shoe.

Third, I'll eat the one that's yellow.
Ummm, he's such a tasty fellow.

Last, I'll eat the one that's green.
Do you think that's awfully mean?
For felt board rhyme, cut out gingerbread man shapes in the colors mentioned.