Story Time

Veteran's Day
Submitted by: leslie mckernan, Freeman
• Pre-school
Veteran's Day by:Cotton, Jacqueline
A Rookie Reader non-fiction book that explains the history of Veteran's Day, why it's observed and ways to honor veterans on this special day.
The Impossible Patriotism Project by:Skeers, Linda
Caleb struggles with a school assignment on symbolizing patriotism for President's Day until he realizes that his dad, who is deployed, is what patriotism is about.
You're a Grand Old Flag by:Cohan, George
Illustrated version of the song honoring the American Flag.
If You Love the USA
Sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If you love the USA clap your hands.
If you love the USA clap your hands.
If you love the USA, clap your hands and say HOORAY!
If you love the USA clap your hands.

Other actions:
Stomp your feet
Slap your knees
Do all three
Remembrance Day Fridge Hanging/Magnet
Used blue construction paper for background. Ellison die cut flower #1 A for poppy, and period for center of poppy. Printed banner on yellow colored copy paper. Children cut out banner and glued the banner, poppy and center of poppy onto the blue paper. As an alternative, fun foam can be used instead of paper.