Story Time

Submitted by: Diamantina Barrera, Freeman
• Pre-school • Bi-lingual
Cloud Boy/ Nino Nube by:Rhode Montijo
A boy who lives in the clouds makes his own friends.
The book is in both English and Spanish
If I Had A Dragon/ Si Yo Tuviera Un Dragon by:Tom Ellery
A boy daydreams about having a dragon instead of his little brother.
The book is in both English and Spanish
Here, Kitty, Kitty!/ Ven, Gatita, Ven! by:Pat Mora
Siblings folow their new kitten through out their house.
The book is in both English and Spanish.
Pin Pon
Pin Pon es un muneco, muy guapo de carton.
Se lava su carita, con agua y jabon.
(Action:Pretend to wash your face)
Se desenreda el pelo con peine de marfil.
(Action:Pretend to comb your hair)
Y aunque no lo gusta
no llora ni hace asi.
(Action:Rub your eyes, pretend to cry)
Y quando las estrellas comienzan a salir.
(Action:Raise your hands and pretend they are like stars blinking)
Pin Pon se va a la cama,
Pin Pon se va dormir.
(Action:Put hands on side of face, pretend to sleep)
Pin Pon, dame la mano, con un fuerte apreton, pues quiero ser tu amigo
Pin Pon!
Pin Pon!
Pin Pon!
(Action:Shake hands with a child)
Victorian Thaumatrope: Optical Illusion Spinning Toy
Cut out the two connected squares (x6 on page)
Glue piece of Yarn where the Page directs you to.
Fold at dotted line and fold the two squares together.
Now you should have your own Thaumatrope. :)