Story Time

Submitted by: Maryam Shah, Cy-Fair
• Pre-school
Boo hoo Bird by:Jeremy Tankard
The no-no bird by:Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters
Rhino's great big itch! by:Natalie Chivers
Five Little Ducks
Five little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said, "Quack, quack, quack, quack,"
but only four little ducks came waddling back.
Repeat with four, three, two and one ducks
Humming Birds
Five humming birds flying in the air
(Hold up five fingers)
The first one landed in my hair
(Grab little finger)
The second and third were a pair
(Touch index finger and thunb together)
The fourth humming bird didn't care.
(grab ring finger)
The fifth humming bird hummed everywhere
(Touch middle finger and hum loudly)
Construction paper
Glue Stick
2 Wiggly eyes
Pipe cleaners

Cut 4Ē Ellison die cut circle out of construction paper.
Cut two Ellison hand die cuts for feathers. Cut yellow triangle for birdís beak.
Place wiggly eyes on circle for birdís eyes, glue hand prints on circle for feathers. Use pipe cleaner for birdís legs. Place a feather on the birdís head and glue yellow triangle for beak.
(With blue construction paper, it would look like the bird in the book ďBoo Hoo BirdĒ)