Story Time

Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza by:Clifton-Brown, Holly
When the other owls refuse to wear the colorful items of clothing that Annie Hoot has knitted for them, Annie tries to find other animals who will appreciate her creations.
Cock-a-doodle-hoooooo! by:Manning, Mick
A tired and lonely owl finds shelter during a storm with a flock of bossy hens who try to teach him how to act like a rooster. When a rat starts stealing eggs, eating the corn, and chasing the chicks, the owl shows the hens exactly what an owl does best.
A Book of Sleep by:Na, Il Sung
While some animals sleep at night, the owl is wide awake and watchful. And when the owl is asleep during the day, some animals are wide awake and active.
For a fun shapes owl craft that teaches a variety of skills, please access the following web address: