Story Time

Submitted by: Penny Atkinson, Freeman
• Toddler
Balloons, Balloons, Balloons by:Dee Lillegard
Colorfully tells the story of a town taken over by balloons. The town is populated by bunnies. They are going to school, to the grocery and to the park when hundreds of balloons float through town. Children and parents will marvel at the detailed illustrations of colorful balloons.
Mathilda and the Orange Balloon by:Randall de Seve
Mathilda is a gray sheep who leads a predictable life grazing in a field with other gray sheep. One day Mathilda sees a lone orange balloon float through the field. Mathilda is so inspired by the balloon that she decides she is an orange balloon. The other sheep make fun of her thinking she is anything but a gray sheep. However, as the sheep try to define what an orange balloon is, they all realize that with some imagination, Mathilda is an orange balloon. The book ends with humorous illustrations of what the other sheep imagine themselves to be.
Emily's Balloon by:Komako Sakai
This story is about a toddler named Emily who receives a yellow balloon. The balloon goes everywhere with Emily and becomes her friend. Emily even makes a flower crown for herself and her balloon.
Then a gust of wind blows the balloon into a tree. Emily's mother is not able to reach the balloon before dark. Emily worries that she won't be able to eat with the balloon or have it in the bed with her. Mother comes in to assure her that they will borrow a ladder and get the balloon out of the tree the next day. Emily then looks out the window to see that balloon is still in the tree.
Toddlers and parents will enjoy the illustrations that show how the yellow balloon became a friend to Emily.
Library Balloons
Taken from Texas State Library's 2004 Summer Reading Program Manual.

(Author unknown. Sing to the tune of "The Mulberry Bush.")

This is the way we blow up the balloon (act like you are blowing up a balloon)
Blow up the balloon
Blow up the balloon
This is the way we blow up the balloon
At the Library.
This is the way we bounce the balloon. (pretend to bounce a balloon in the air)
Bounce the balloon
Bounce the balloon.
This is the way we bounce the balloon
At the Library.
This is the way we pop the balloon. (pretend to stick with a pin)
Pop the balloon
Pop the balloon
This is the way we pop the balloon
At the Library. (clap hands loudly)
Hot Air Balloon

Shapes or Tracing Activities. Use the attached template of a hot air balloon. You can either cut out the shapes on cardstock or foamies for children to glue on the balloon or use markers or colors to trace the outlines of the balloon and shapes and then glue on blue paper with cotton balls as clouds. You might also add yarn for decoration.

If you're interested in hot air balloon crafts and trivia, here's an excellent site for everything hot air balloon: