Story Time

Submitted by: Leslie McKernan, Freeman
• Pre-school
Snow! Snow! Snow! by:Harper, Lee
What do you do when you wake up in the morning and find out that it has snowed all night long? A group of puppy friends and a kitten go out sledding, of course!
Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story by:Johnson, David A.
What does snow sound like? Machines, adults and a child begin to dig out early in the morning. Will the streets and sidewalk get clear in time for the school bus?
One Mitten by:George, Kristine O'Connell
What can you do with one mitten? Follow along as a young girl uses her imagination, then share her joy at finding the mitten's mate. What fun you can have with one mitten, and then with two it's even better!
Five Little Snowmen
Sung to : 5 Little Monkeys

Five Little Snowmen riding on the sled. (Pretend 5 fingers are sledding).
One fell off and bumped his head. (Put one finger down and rub head).
I called Frosty, and Frosty said (Pretend to call Frosty on the phone),
"No more snowmen riding on that sled!" (Say in a deep voice).

Four Little Snowmen....
One Little, Two Little ...Snowflakes
(Hold up fingers as you count up, and put them down as you count backwards).

One little, two little, three little snowflakes,
Four little, five little, six little snowflakes,
Seven little, eight little, nine little snowflakes,
Ten little snowflakes falling all around.
Sparkly Snow Collage

Dark/Royal Blue construction paper-1 piece per child
Several wintery Ellison die cut outs such as: Tiny snowflakes, Christmas Tree, Eskimo, Penguin,etc.
Several scraps of white construction paper to cut up for snow drifts on the ground, green for pine-like trees, and brown paper for tree trunks.
Glue sticks
Epsom salt (about 2 Tbsps.)
1 cup warm water
Large flat paint brush

Before the program mix 2 Tblsps. Epsom Salt (found in the first aid section of a drug store or discount department store) with 1 cup warm water until the salt is completely disolved.
Have the children make their collage with the shapes provided. After the children complete their picture, have them come to the presenter who will lightly brush their picture with the epsom salt solution.
This dries quickly and will make their snow collage sparkle!
Epsom salt has many uses; however, in medicine it may be used as a laxative. To be safe, an adult should handle the brushing on of the Epsom salt solution to the collages. Children are amazed by the sparkling transformation of their collages.