Story Time

Submitted by: Lynn Flanigan, Tomball
• Pre-school
Princess Palooza by:Joy Allen
12 imaginative girls have lots of fun as princesses playing in the park. This book has beautiful illustration and rhymes.
Ella's Games by:David Bedford
When Ella's brothers did not want to play with her, she uses her imagination to invent lots of fun games. Her brothers soon are begging to play with her. Great illustrations and storyline.
Chimps Don't Wear Glasses by:Laura Numeroff
This is a humorous book with animals doing fabulous things that they normally can't do. This book has a hilarious rhyming text and illustrations that will keep your young audience laughing.
I Could Be, You Could Be by:Karen Owen
This colorful, rhyming book encourages children to imagine being many different things from kings to dolphins and still appreciate being himself.
Mud is Cake by:Pam Munoz Ryan
A brother and sister have a fabulous time using their imagination in this beautifully illustrated, rhyming book.
I Wish I Were
"I Wish I Were" is sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It". See Harris County Public Library Catalog for cd: Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs. Lyrics can be found at
Making masks is a great craft for preschoolers to pretend and use their imaginations. See above for the link to the book, "I Could Be, You Could Be" by Karen Owen. There is a great mask making craft using cereal or cardboard boxes at the end of this book.