Story Time

Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
The Copper Braid of Shannon O'Shea by:Laura Esckelson
The copper braid of Shannon O'Shea was unbraided one fall . . . " begins this lilting picture book in rhyme about one girl's amazing head of hair. As a party of willing sprites start to unbraid the Irish lass's long, long red hair, they-and readers, too-are amazed at what they find. Tangled in there are wonders from rubies and diamonds to honking geese and even a miniature sailing ship, not to mention flora and fauna and beasts of every stripe. With words that roll off the tongue and gorgeous artwork brimming with imps, artifacts, and animals, this book invites children to enter a world where their imaginations can run as wild as Shannon's unruly curls.
Erandi's Braids by:Antonio Hernandez Madrigal
In a poor Mexican village, Erandi surprises her mother by offering to sell her long, beautiful hair in order to raise enough money to buy a new fishing net.
Note: Illustrated by Tomie dePaola.
Clip, Clip, Clip : Three Stories about Hair by:Kathleen Krull
Three short stories feature Kevin, who doesn't want a haircut, Ramon, whose friends agree that hair problems can make you scream, and Helen, who is interested in everyone's hair.
Bedhead by:Margie Palatini
After many unsuccessful attempts to control his unruly hair one morning, Oliver and his family think that they have solved the problem--until he gets to school and finds that it is school picture day.
Crazy Hair Day by:Barney Saltzberg
Stanley is excited about Crazy Hair Day at his school, until he discovers that he has gotten the date wrong.
The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School by:Laurie Halse Anderson
A young girl's talented but untamed tresses do not impress her strict first-grade teacher, who has rules for everything, including hair.
Sophie's Lovely Locks by:Erica Pelton Villnave
Sophie loves her long hair, but when it becomes too hard to manage and she decides to get it cut, she finds something generous to do with it. Includes list of organizations that make wigs from donated hair.
Family music party / [sound recording] Trout fishing in America.
My hair had a party last night
Braid a Friendship Bracelet