Story Time

Submitted by: Holly Koile, Freeman
• Toddler • Pre-school
Mr. Large In Charge by:Murphy, Jill
When Mrs. Large (an elephant) isn't feeling well one day, Mr. Large decides to take charge of the household. She finds it very hard to rest with "Mr. Large in Charge". Colorful pictres and playful text make this a charming feel-good story.
No Matter What by:Dodd, Emma
Simple, loving elephants use rhyming text to describe to their little ones that they are lovred - "No Matter What".
I Dream Of An Elephant by:Rubinger, Ami
Colorful elephants dance across the pages with delightful rhyming text so children can guess their colors.
My Cat - The Silliest Cat in the World by:Bachelet, Giles
The reader of this fun story is introduced to the authors "cat" which is very much like other cats - very sweet, very clean, eats a lot, and sleeps a lot. He just can't quite figure out what breed he is...
Ten Big Elephants
One Big, Two Big, Three Big Elephants, Four Big, Five Big, Six Big Elephants, Seven Big, Eight Big, Nine Big Elephants, Ten BIG Elephants Stomping all around!
A Great Big Elephant
(tune: Itsy, Bitsy Spider)

A great big elephant
(walk like an elephant-swing arm
for trunk)
Went out one day to play.
Down came the rain
(flutter fingers down for rain)
and then he couldn't play.
(shake head, shrug shoulders)
But up came the sun
(arms above head to form sun)
And dried up all the rain
And the great big elephant
Went out to play again.
(walk like an elephant-swing arm
for trunk)

Using a die cut machine and an elephant shape, die cut elephant shapes out of white card stock paper. Let the children color the elephants however they wish then tape a craft stick to the back of the elephant. This makes a quick, easy and fun stick puppet.