Story Time

Sea Serpents
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
The Sea Serpent and Me by:Dashka Slater
What would you do if a tiny sea serpent came out of your bathtub faucet one day when you are taking a bath? A little girl has the chance to find out and have a series of adventures and make a new friend.
Sea Monster's First Day by:Kate Messner
A young sea monster experiences the challenges of attending the first day of school in the ocean.
Ralph's Secret Weapon by:Steven Kellogg
Ralph spends his summer vacation with his Aunt Georgiana who has all his activities already planned for him, including learning to play the bassoon. Ralph is a hopeless bassoon player but the sour notes he produces when playing prove to be useful for the snake charmers competition and dealing with a local sea serpent.
a coloring page for a sea serpent can be accessed at: