Story Time

Submitted by: Michelle Garcia, North Channel
• Toddler • Pre-school
Goodnight Moon by:Margaret Wise Brown
Little Bunny Rabbit says goodnight to all the objects and things inside the great green room.
I took the moon for a walk by:Carolyn Curtis
About a boy who takes the moon for a walk through his neighborhood.
Happy Birthday, Moon by:Frank Asch
A bear discovers that he shares his birthday with the moon and buys him a hat as a present.
The Man in the Moon
The man in the moon,
Looked out of the moon
Looked out of the moon and said,
Its time for all the children on earth
To think about getting to bed!
I'm a little astronaut
Tune: Im A Little Teapot

Im a little astronaut
Flying to the moon.
My rocket is ready,
We blast off soon.

I climb aboard
And close the hatch.
5-4-3-2-1, off we blast!
Jean Warren
Window from Goodnight Moon book:
Materials needed:
Green, red, blue construction paper
Silver glitter glue
White Cupcake holder sheets

Cut the red construction paper into various size skinny rectangles to form the bars on the window from the cover of book.
Cut the blue construction paper into a 6 in. by 5 in. rectangle.
Paste the blue rectangle onto the green construction paper.
Glue the white cupcake sheet to any spot on the blue paper.
Align and paste the red pieces to form a window on the blue paper.
Use the silver glitter glue to create the stars in your sky.