Story Time

La letra
Submitted by: Sylvia C McMillan, Tomball
• Bi-lingual
Abuelita fue al mercado by:Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr
A counting rhyme book from around the world. This book takes us flying around the world with granny to discover all the wonders that different cultures have to offer.
¿Hay algo más aburrido que ser una princesa rosa? by:Raquel Diaz Reguera
Carlota was tired of being a princess and having everything in pink. She did not want to kiss toads to see if it was Prince Charming. She always wondered why there were no princesses to hunt dragons or to fly in a balloon.
Olivia se prepara para la Navidad by:Ian Falconer
It's a tender story full of adventure, which tells us how Olivia prepares for the anxious arrival of Santa Clause and Christmas Eve.
El juego del Calentamiento
We use a Power Point presentation with different riddles from the web page “El huevo de chocolate” We review words starting with the letter “M” like: Muñeco de nieve (snowman), México, Marciano (alien), manzana (apple) y mariposa (butterfly).
We use a ginger man template to create a look alike cookie. We decorate it with eyes, big colorful buttons, ribbon and a funny hat.
Make copies of the words and illustrations that start with the letter "M". Let the children take them home.