Story Time

Submitted by: Debbie, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Aliens love underpants by:Claire Freedman
There is no underwear in space so aliens visit Earth and play in the clothes drying on the line.

Animal pants! by:Brian Moses
A humorous story about different animals wearing different kinds of underwear.
Bear in underwear by:Todd H. Doodler
While playing hide-and-seek, Bear finds a backpack filled with underwear.
Charlie's superhero underpants by:Paul Bright
When a gusting wind blows the laundry off the clothesline, Charlie travels the world searching for his favorite scarlet superhero underpants.
Dinosaurs love underpants by:Claire Freedman
Illustrations and rhyming text reveal the Mighty Underpants War as the true reason dinosaurs are extinct.
The Underpants Zoo by:Brian Sendelbach
Invites the reader to visit a new zoo, where each of the animals sports underwear suited to his or her own personal style.
What color is your underwear? by:Sam Lloyd
This hilarious lift-the-flap features animals and the underwear they wear! Kids will roar with laughter as they lift each flap and reveal boxers on a horse, furry undies on a crocodile, leafy green bloomers on a sheep, and more. We save the best for last, though--on the final spread, an elephant is hiding behind a large leaf...for good reason. He forgot to put on any underwear! This is a fun way to teach colors...and the importance of wearing your drawers!
Pants by:Giles Andreae
A rhyming celebration of all sorts of pants, from "giant frilly pig pants" to "no pants at all."
Wiggle waggle went the bear
Wiggle waggle went the bear,
catching bees in his underwear.
One bee out and one bee in,
one bee stung him on his big bear skin.
Our craft was based on the book "What Color is your Underwear?" by Sam Lloyd The idea for the craft came from a flannel board story I found that went along with the book. The link is:!/2012/02/flannel-friday-what-color-is-your.html We made a really cute lift the flap picture with 4 different animals wearing underwear. I cut out 4 different animal shapes and drew and cut out bloomers, boxers and underwear for each. I also cut out some type of item to cover the animal where the underwear should be (just like in the book). The kids then colored the underwear, matched which pair fit which animal, and taped the "flap" covering picture in front of the animal. For those who wanted more, I let them use crayons to draw a background picture for each animal.
The website I based my craft from is actually a flannel board story for "What color is your underwear?" by Sam Lloyd. The link is:!/2012/02/flannel-friday-what-color-is-your.html
I had wanted to do this storytime for quite a few years, but hesitated due to underwear being a "private" subject. I found most of the above books had to do with animals in underwear, which we talked about how silly that was, and how unlike them, we don't show people our underwear. It turned out to be a very fun storytime.