Story Time

Cameras/Picture Taking
Submitted by: Cheryl, Tomball
• Pre-school
Smile If You're Human by:Neal Layton
An alien child wants to find a "mysterious creature known as a human" so that he can take a picture of one. He search throughout an earth zoo brings unexpected results.
Finders Keepers for Franklin by:Paulette Bourgeois
Franklin finds a lost camera. Is it finders keepers or should he find the owner?
Say Cheese! by:Nancy Smiler
A monkey is trying to take a picture of giraffe couple, but every other animal in the zoo tries to get into the picture.
Penguins by:Liz Pichon
A visitor leaves a camera behind at the zoon and creates much excitement for the penguins who find it.
I Took My Camera to the Zoo
(Tune of Old MacDonald)
I took my camera to the zoo.
Click, click, click, click, click!
I took a picture of a lion. (Children can add a different animal each time)
Click, click, click, click, click!
With a roar, roar here
And a roar, roar there
Here a click, there a click,
Everywhere a click, click!
I took my camera to the zoo
Click, click, click, click, click
Taking Picture is Fun
(Tune: London Bridge)
Taking pictures is so much fun
so much fun, so much fun!
Taking pictures is so much fun
I'll take a picture of a ___________!
(Child can add whatever he or she desires)
How I Take My Pictures
I hold my camera with both hands
And through the tiny hole I peep.
I press the little button
to take a picture I want to keep.

I can take pictures of anything
Like bugs or buttons or bears.
I can take pictures of anything
Just about anywhere!

I will have my pictures forever
To remind me of where I have been.
I'm so thankful for my camera
Because my pictures make me grin!
Play Camera

Craft Foam - 2 any color and 1 black
sheet protecor or plastic wrap
White or craft glue
2ft. length of yarn
Hole punch

1. Cut the camera shape from one of the colored foam pieces, the ring from another color and the circle from the black foam.

2.Glue the ring shape to the black circle and then glue that piece to the camera shape for the lens.

(NOTE: An extra circle can be cut using the circle pattern from a sheet protector or plastic wrap. Glue it to the ring shape and trim if necessary. Glue the ring shape to the black circle and then glue the "lens" to the camera. It will give the camera a real camera look.)

3. Using the hole punch, punch holes at the upper corners of the camera.

4. Run the yarn from the back of the camera to the front and knot to make a neck strap.
With this storytime, I also had a photo op event. We went around the room taking pictures of items I had placed there previously. Any simple item will work: a stuffed toy, a bar of soap, a ball, etc. After we finished, I handed them their "pictures" which were just a simple coloring page of each item. These can be reduced to any size picture to save paper. After coloring, we glued the pictures to construction paper and made a cover. Two holes were punched and yarn was used to bind out photo album together.

(NOTE: has many picture choices).