Story Time

Watch Out for Tigers!
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Oh, No! by:Fleming, Candace
After several animals accidentally fall in a big hole, Tiger thinks he has an easy meal, but when elephant comes rumbling along, the situation changes for all concerned.
Beware of Tigers by:Horowitz, Dave
Two city dwelling birds learn the hard way that you should never trust a smiling tiger.
Wait! I Want to Tell You a Story by:Willans, Tom
A little muskrat meets a hungry tiger who wants to eat him. By telling a story to the tiger and enlisting the help of a friend, the Muskrat escapes becoming the tiger's meal.
Sleep Like a Tiger by:Logue, Mary
A little girl tells her parents that she is not tired or sleepy, but then she learns that everyone, including tigers, sleeps and eventually falls asleep tucked up in her bed.
The link to the following website address provides some tiger coloring pages for children: