Story Time

Valentine Stories
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Who Loves Me? by:Patricia MacLachlan
At bedtime, a little girl asks the question, "Who loves me?' and the cat in the window tells her that her family, friends, and pets love her.
Hedgehug: a sharp lesson in love by:Benn Sutton
Hedgehug (a hedgehog) has a valentine to give to someone but because of his spikes has trouble finding someone to accept his heart until he meets armadillo.
Henry in Love by:Peter McCarty
Henry thinks that Chloe is the loveliest girl in his class at school. One day he takes a blueberry muffin to school and saves it to give to Chloe.
I Loathe You by:David Slonim
Little Monster asks if Big Monster really, truly loathes him and Big Monster tells him all the ways that he does, including modre than stinky, sweaty socks and more than chicken pox. But, of course, "loathe" is really their version of "love".
Trace valentine heart shape on pink and red construction paper for the children to cut out and decorate.