Story Time

Submitted by: Debra Hudson, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Centipede's 100 shoes by:Tony Ross
A little centipede buys shoes to protect his feet but finds that they are a lot of trouble to put on and take off.
Birdie's big-girl shoes by:Sujean Rim
Five-year-old Birdie loves her mother's shoes, but when she is finally granted permission to wear some for a little while, she discovers that her "barefoot shoes" are best of all.
Dog in boots by:Greg Gormley
After reading "Puss in Boots," an adventurous dog sets out to find the perfect pair of shoes to suit his every need.
Flip flop bop by:Matt Novak
Presents an easy-to-read, rhyming celebration of summertime's favorite footwear--flip flops.
I forgot my shoes by:Jessica Harper
In this rhyming story everyone has a forgetful day.
Pete the Cat : I love my white shoes by:Eric Litwin
Pete the Cat gets into colorful adventures while out walking in his new white shoes
Shoe-la-la! by:Karen Beaumont
Four girls go in search of the perfect pair of party shoes.
Which shoes would you choose? by:Betsy R. Rosenthal
Sherman wears different shoes for different occasions, from hiking boots for climbing over rocks to flip-flops for shelling at the shore.
Whose shoes? by:Anna Grossnickle Hines
A mouse tries on the shoes of various family members, from Daddy's great big clompy shoes and Mommy's clappy high-heeled shoes to those of Brother and Baby, but only one pair is just right. Features fold-out illustrations.
My Shoes
(Sung to: "Skip to My Lou")

I have two shoes, how about you,
I have two shoes, how about you,
I have two shoes, how about you,
Stomp with your shoes like I do.
Note: Two shoes can be replaced with 'Tennis shoes', 'big shoes', 'old shoes', 'new shoes' 'blue shoes', etc.)
New shoe song
(Sung to: "This old man")

Here's one foot, here are two,
Each one wearing a brand new shoe,
So skip and dance all around the floor,
That's what these new shoes are for.
2 Shoes
(Sung to: "Skp to my Lou"

I have 2 shoes, how about you,
I have 2 shoes, how about you,
I have 2 shoes, how about you,
Stomp with your shoes like I do. (2 shoes can be replaced this white shoes, big shoes, old shoes, new shoes, etc.)

"Stomp with your shoes" can be replaced with (skip with your shoes, dance with your shoes, walk with your shoes, run with your shoes, hop with your shoes, tap your shoes, wiggle your feet, touch your shoes, tie your shoes, untie your shoes, etc)
Written by:
I Like Shoes
(Sung to 3 Blind Mice)

I like shoes
I like shoes
I like shoes
I like shoes
Big ones
Little ones
Loud ones too,
Any kind of shoe will do
I like shoes

For the craft I had two shoe prints with lace holes punched in them that I had drawn on a piece of cardboard I used a pen, screwdriver etc. to make the holes. I also had "shoelaces" cut from cord (use something stiffer than yarn)that had the ends either singed, or wrapped with tape to make them easy to lace with. I let the kids use markers to decorate the shoes and then I gave them a paper with "shoe tying poems" for them to glue on the cardboard just to the side of the shoes. (I included 3 different poems I found so they had different ones to learn by)

For the younger kids this mostly was a coloring project, and a "lacing" fine motor project. Some of the older ones were able to work on the "tying" part.
I have also done a matching craft with clipart of different types of shoes to be matched with different people.