Story Time

Submitted by: Lisa Naasz, Crosby
• Pre-school
Wave by:Suzy Lee
Wordless book, but don't let that stop you! Wonderful story of a day at the beach that begins and ends with a wave.
The Patterson Puppies and the Rainy Day by:Leslie Patricelli
The Patterson Puppies are bored being inside on a rainy day. Using a few props and their imagination, they create a beach inside their house!
A Beach Tail by:Karen Lynn Williams
A boy and his father spend the day at the beach. The boy draws a lion in the sand. The father tells the boy to not go in the water or stray from the lion in the sand. The boy obeys his father by drawing a looong tail down the beach! However, following the tail back up the beach helps the boy to be reunited with his father.
Waves at the Beach (Sung To Wheels on the Bus)
The waves at the beach go up and down…
The waves at the beach go up and down, all day long.
- also-
The crabs at the beach, crawl back and forth...
The lobsters at the beach go, snap, snap, snap...
The clams at the beach will open and shut...
The jelly fish go wibble, wobble, wibble...
Five Little Seashells
(count on fingers)
Five little seashells sitting on the shore
WOOSH went a wave (swing arms to side)
And then there were four
Four little seashells pretty as can be
WOOSH went a wave
And then there were three
Three little seashells
Colored pink and blue
WOOSH went a wave
And then there were two
Two little seashells sitting in the sun
WOOSH went a wave
And then there was one
One little seashell looking so alone
I picked it up in my hand
And then I took it home
Ocean Shell
I found a great big shell one day (hold it with two hands)
Upon the ocean floor
I held it close up to my ear (raise hand to ear)
I heard the ocean roar!
I found a tiny shell one day (hold it in one hand)
Upon the ocean sand
The waves had worn it nice and smooth (stroke shell)
It felt nice in my hand

All three finger plays are from the Perry Public Library website:
Sea creatures using shells, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.