Story Time

Submitted by: Charity James, Maud Marks
• Pre-school
Crepes by Suzette by:Monica Wellington
Suzette, the crÍpe maker, sells her delicacies in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As she goes from place to place, readers are treated to a variety of Parisian scenes and a series of customers inspired by figures in famous French paintings.
Tallulah in the Kitchen by:Nancy Wolff
Tallulah the cat loves to make pancakes for her friends. Experimenting with flavors (mixing the batter with coconut and jelly beans is a big mistake), she decides to use blueberries.
Pancakes for Supper by:Anne Isaacs
When her family's wagon hits a bump, golden-haired Toby Littlewood is hurled into the sky and lands deep in the snowy forest. There she meets a prickly porcupine, an enormous bear, and a hungry cougar, among other fearsome creatures. Cleverly, she talks each one out of eating her by offering up her fancy clothes. In the end, in a competition to be the grandest beast, the vain animals chase each other around and around a maple tree, where they turn into maple syrup!
Pancakes Pancakes by:Eric Carle
The barnyard rooster crows and Jack wakes up -- hungry, of course! What does he want for breakfast? A big pancake! But first, Jack's mother needs flour from the mill, an egg from the black hen, milk from the spotted cow, butter churned from fresh cream, and firewood for the stove. Will Jack ever get his pancake?
The Pancake Man
to the tune of "DO you know the Muffin Man?"
Oh, do you know the pancake man....
he has the frying pan
Pop a little pancake
to the tune of "Skip to my Lou"
(this song seems to be about crepes)
pop a little pancake in to the pan (repeat 2x)
that's for my dinner today.
Toss it in the air, up high high high...
squeeze a little lemon, squeeze squeeze squeeze...
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