Story Time

Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Bear Flies High by:Michael Rosen
Bear and his friends visit a carnival at which Bear rides a roller coaster and feels that he is flying.
Bear's Day Out by:Michael Rosen
Bear decides to visit the city but finds it very noisy and confusing until some children help him out and lead him back home.
The Sniffles for Bear by:Bonny Becker
When Mouse visits Bear and finds that he is in bed with a bad cold, Mouse helps Bear to cheer up and feel better. But, then Mouse gets a cold and bear tends to Mouse.
A Visitor for Bear by:Bonny Becker
Even though Bear has a big sing on his front door, "No Visitors Allowed," a little gray mouse keeps coming in wanting to be friends with Bear and eventually succeeds.
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