Story Time

Being Sick
Submitted by: Cheryl, Tomball
• Pre-school
Farm Flu by:Teresa Bateman
When farm animals catch the flu one after the other, a young boy does his best to take care of them.
Taking Care of Mama by:Mitra Modarressi
When Mama gets sick, Papa and the kids wear themselves out doing the cooking and cleaning for the day.
Bear Feels Sick by:Karma Wilson
When Bear is too sick to play, his friends go to his cave to make him soup and tea and to keep him company.
Don't You Feel Well, Sam? by:Amy Hest
When Sam has a cough, Mrs. Bear tens to him all night long.
The Soap on Your Hands
To the tune: The Wheels on the Bus

The soap on your hands go suds, suds, suds
Suds-suds-suds-, suds, suds, suds
The soap on your hands goes suds-suds-suds
And the germs go down the drain.
Chicken Soup
When my forehead's feeling hot,
(put hand to forehead)
Do I want pizza? I do not!
(shake head no)
When I cough or when I sneeze,
(cough, sneeze)
Give me a bowl of hot soup, please.
(make bowl with hands)
Eating chicken soup with rice
(pretend to eat)
Makes me feel so very nice.
(hug self)
So when you're feeling under the weather, (frown, point thumb down)
Chicken soup might make you feel better! (smile, point thumb up)
Being Sick
My head hurts (pu hand on forehead)
My throat is sore (point to throat)
I want to lay upon the floor! (point to floor)

My ears are stuffed (point to ears)
My nose is runny (point to nose)
Being sick isn't funny! (shake head saying no)
Hand Washing
Five little fingers playing all day
Getting really dirty, time to wash the germs away

Four little fingers catch a sneeze
Need to find some gel soap,
just use a squeeze, please!

Three little fingers catch a cough
Scrub-a-dub-dub to get the germs washed off

Two little fingers ready for a treat
Wash, wash, wash, your hands before you eat!

One little finger staying pretty clean
Sneeze into your shoulder
See what I mean?

No dirty fingers! No none at all.
They help keep us well so we can play and have a ball!