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Rhyming Dust Bunnies & Other Fun With Jan Thomas
Submitted by: Terry, Barbara Bush
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Rhyming Dust Bunnies by:Jan Thomas
Dust Bunnies Ed, Ted, Ned & Bob like to "rhyme all the time." This time Bob isn't rhyming; what is he trying to say? It is a warning that will leave the reader laughing and wanting more dust bunnies!
Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny! by:Jan Thomas
The colorful rhyming dust bunnies appear again, but this time they are being bullied by a big, mean gray dust bunny. The big cat from Thomas's What Will Fat Cat Sit On? comes to their rescue and with the odds now in their favor they find the big, mean dust bunny has a change in attitude.
Can You Make a Scary Face? by:Jan Thomas
Kids of all ages will enjoy this funny, engaging, "let's pretend" book. Led by a very colorful bossy lady bug kids will follow her lead and have lots of fun following her crazy commands.
The Doghouse by:Jan Thomas
Animals in the barnyard are playing with a ball when it accidentally rolls into the doghouse. All of the animals are too frightened to go after it. One by one they get up the nerve to go inside and retrieve the ball, but none come back. Mouse, left by himself, calls out to the dog so he can find out about his friend. The dog responds that they can't come out because he is having them for dinner. Mouse fears the worst, but the reader finds out there is more than one way to "have" someone for dinner. The mouse figures it out just in time for dessert. Lots of repitition and word play and great for younger and older children,
What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by:Jan Thomas
Fat Cat is ready to sit down. What or who will he sit on? A group of animals is afraid that one of them will be a great place to sit until Mouse comes up with a great idea. That solve, the reader finds out it is lunch time. Now, what will Fat Cat eat?
Supplies Needed: Yarn (preferably bright colors), googly eyes, small pompoms (different colors from the yarn). Frame for winding the yarn.

Wind the yarn around a small empty picture frame or other rigid structure with an opening in the middle. (I used library bookends!) Wind enough yarn to make a loose fluffy dust bunny. Cut off end of the yarn when desired fullness is reached. Take short length of same yarn and tie it tightly around the middle of the yarn through the middle of the frame. Now cut through the middle of the loops of yarn on each side of the frame which will make a loose pompom. Shake it out a little to give it a "dust bunny" look. Glue on two googly eyes in chosen position then glue a pompom directly below the eyes. You've made your own dust bunny.
Jan Thomas books are colorful, laugh-out-loud fun for older preschoolers and school agers. Can You Make a Scary Face? is a great read to get the "wiggles out" and set the stage for the fun of the rest of the books. There are many other Jan Thomas titles to choose from; don't limit yourself to these few books. The books are short, with few words that are often repeated so they are ideal for beginning readers. Some animals appear in more than one book and the kids are always happy to recognize a familiar face. Fun for the storyteller as well as their listeners.