Story Time

Submitted by: Mark Stamps, LaPorte
• Pre-school
Joey Jack-o-Lantern by:Sharon Peters
Pumpkin Fair by:Eve Bunting
Best Halloween Of All by:Susan Wojciechowski
One Witch by:Laura Leuck
Fierce Yellow Pumpkin by:Margaret Brown
Hallo-Wiener by:Dav Pilkey
Bony Legs by:Joanna Cole
Bones Of Fred McFee by:Sue Bunting
"Little Witch" Cut and Tell Story.

Teeny Tiny Woman by Paul Galdone
We do this as a skit. You will need a partner or assistant for this two person skit and at least one of you has got to be willing to crawl underneath a table to do the spooky voice and stick out the ghostly hand to grab the bone in contention. A real crowd pleaser!