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Story Time

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France (Bastille Day July 14)
Submitted by: Charity, Maud Marks
• Pre-school
Paris Cat by:Baker, Leslie
On their first day in Paris, Annie's cat goes off to chase a mouse and wanders around the whole city before finding her way back where she belongs.
The Moon was the Best by:Zolotow, Charlotte
A mother visiting Paris brings back her daughter all her best memories... Illustrated w/ photos by Tana Hoban.
Madeline by:Bemelmans, Ludwig
In an old house in Paris...
Everybody Bonjours by:Kimmelman, Leslie
Blue goes to Paris, where he sees the sights and buys postcards and souvenirs.
Little Salt Lick and the Sun King by:Armstrong, Jennifer
Relates how the second assistant rotisserie turner at the court of King Louis XIV of France becomes the first assistant bearer of the King's dog.
Fr?re Jacques
Fr?re Jacques, Fr?re Jacques,
Dormez vous? Dormez vous?
Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines
Di, din, don! Di, din, don!

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping?
Brother John, Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing
Ding Ding Dong, Ding Ding Dong.
Monte sur un elephant (Climb up an Elephant?s back)
found on Madeline "Puffin StoryTape"

Monte sur un elephant,
C?est haute, c?est haute;
Monte sur un elephant
C?est haute c?est effrayant.
?deux elephants?
?trois elephant?
Climb up an elephant?s back, it?s high, it?s high
Climb up an elephant?s back
Oh my! oh my! It?s high!
?two elephants?
?three elephants?
found on Madeline "Puffin StoryTape"

Alouette, gentille alouette, alouette je te plujmaerai.
Je te plumerai la tete je te plumaerai la tete(point to head)
A la tete, a la tete, alouette, alouette, oh?
?les yeux (eyes)?
?a le bec (nose)?
?a la bouche (mouth)?
Y a un Rat (There?s a Rat)
found on Madeline "Puffin StoryTape"

Y'a un rat dans l?grenier
J'entends le chat qui miaule
Y'a un rat dans l?grenier
J'entends le chat miauler
J'entends, j?entends, j'entends le chat qui miaule
J'entends, j'entends, j?entends le chat miauler
Sur le pont d'Avignon
found on Raffi's Corner Grocery Store

Sur le pont d'Avignon,
L'on y danse, l'on y danse,
Sur le pont d'Avignon
L'on y danse tout en rond.

On the bridge of Avignon, they?re all dancing,
they?re all dancing
On the bridge of Avignon, they?re all dancing,
they?re all dancing round and round
Song: Savez-vous Planter les Choux Savez-vous planter les choux, la mode, la mode, Savez-vous planter les choux, la mode de chez nous?
Another book: Crepes by Suzette Author is Monica Wellington